Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 cents shy of $4 in Extra Care Bucks

Imagine my surprise when I looked carefully at my CVS receipt today.

At the bottom it said:

Energizer, Spend 12 Get 4 ECB
Amount Tward this Reward 11.98
Amount Needed to Earn Reward .02

I am 2 cents away from 4 Extra Care Bucks - Yiiipes - better get back to CVS before Sunday !

So, how did this happen? I went to CVS the other night for my weekly visit and needed to get some watch batteries. I got 2 packs - one for $6.99 and the other for $4.99.

I saw no little stickies about ECBs on the watch battery rack so I assumed that the deal did not include them. How wrong was I?

When the ECB didn't print, I didn't think anything of it since I had already decided that it wouldn't. I didn't even examine my reciept like I normally do...

Then for some reason, I started really looking at it this morning when WHAMMO - I saw that.

CVS - Here I come - can't turn down $4 in ECBs just waiting for me.



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