Monday, January 19, 2009

Book Review – Negotiation Boot Camp

How to Resolve Conflict, Satisfy Customers, and Make Better Deals
By Ed Brodow
ISBN 0-385-51849-8

Ed Brodow is a negotiation coach. His book (which is available in our bookstore) is set up like his 10 week negotiation training classes. Basically, this book is a rehash of most of the classics in negotiating and doesn’t offer any really new insights to negotiation, unless you want to study the sex lives of Bonobo monkeys. It is a very good book for a new salesperson and outlines most of the basics of negotiation in a sales type setting. Brodow is known for his books on selling. One thing I particularly don’t like about the book is that he embraces the old school “opponent” or “combatant” type of style then turns around and pushes win/win on you without clarifying that these are really different strategies for negotiating. I think it is a good read for someone that just wants to learn a little before they take on a new sales position.


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