Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday’s Negotiating Tip:

We’re all concerned about the environment. What about your negotiating environment? When you negotiate the environment can strongly affect the outcome. Here in the South if you are buying a car the first thing the dealer tries to do after you look at a car sitting on the 100+ degree parking lot is to get you back into the air conditioned dealership. Often they will get you a cool bottle of spring water to whet your whistle. This consideration of your primary comfort needs is admirable, and it is carefully orchestrated.

The less you look at the car, the fewer questions you’ll ask and the fewer objections to buying they will encounter. If you want to test drive the car, they’ll even send a lot jockey out to cool the car down and then bring it to the dealer’s front door to keep you comfortable. All of this makes it easier for you to say “yes.”

Well, I like the heat. About a year ago I went looking for a pickup truck in July. The temperature was hovering around 98 degrees and it had not rained for days. The cars were covered in a light dust from the hot wind blowing. Advantage, me! I kept the poor salesperson outside for an hour as we discussed every single item on the shiny red truck. With every ounce of sweat the price dropped and extras were added on.

Negotiate in your preferred environment, not theirs. The added advantage will save you money!


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