Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolution

Welcome to Rainy Day Finances, sponsored by Rainy Day Financial Group. I'm Marie Perry and I'll be your host as we help you and your family save money every day! My husband Scott and I have saved over $25,000 and reduced our debt by $38,000 in just the past year and a half. Over this time we've found new ways to cut costs and manage our budget better.

Since then we've committed ourselves to helping others that are victims of credit cards or the bad economy. Scott and I teach Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and provide counseling help to those in financial need.

Professionally I'm a tax preparer here in Georgia and have worked in the legal field for many years. Scott works for a large consumer products group and is a negotiator and cost cutter. We both teach classes on budgeting, coupon savings and negotiating for consumers. Together we are committed to helping YOU SAVE MONEY in 2009! Tht's our New Year's Resolution.

Today's Negotiating Tip:

It's a buyer's market out there so take advantage of it if you are able to. This means don't buy it on credit, but if you have cash and have planned (key word) the purchase, you can probably negotiate a great deal. Carry cash with you when you go and ask for the best deal possible. Remember to use the magic phrase "is that the best deal you can offer me?" and remain quiet for a period of time with the salesperson thinks about it. Everything is negotiable! Don't be afraid to walk away!

Look for more consumer negotiating tips as we blog away!


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