Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday’s Negotiating Tip:

Attitude is contagious. If you walk into work with a smile and a happy outlook it will be picked up by everyone you come into contact with. Well, everyone but the angry guy that pours coffee on your head because he’s not a morning person. Likewise, if you are angry or hostile, the person across the table from you will pick that up and most of the time they will hand it right back to you. The attitude you bring to the negotiation will often set the tone for the entire conversation.

Try to go into the negotiation with a happy and helpful attitude. If you are grouchy on Monday mornings, then don’t engage in negotiations at that time. When the person you are negotiating with comes to the table angry or with a negative attitude, try to turn them to them away from the dark side of the force.

One of the ways I try to change the other person’s attitude is by giving them a heavy dose of positive attitude. Really, it is hard to continue to be mad at someone who is excited, happy and helpful. Take time to get to know them when you first start and see if you can find some common ground that you can talk about such as family, hobbies or sports. If you still can’t break the attitude offer to postpone the negotiation until another time.

Often, when negative attitudes prevail the outcome is lose/lose. It can lead to hurt feelings, insults and deals that are hard to follow through on. It will completely sap your creativity. Happiness will mean saving money!


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