Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fine for Checking Out Books

Scott says…

The library is a fine place for checking out books. Mostly because I incur fines since I can’t seem to get the books back in time. I’m a book junkie as you can tell by the constant book reviews. I’ll read three or more books a week on average. There was a time when I bought most of my books. But once you start keeping a strict budget you find out that books are VERY expensive and food is a necessity.

In order to keep my book budget to a minimum (ok, there is no book budget line but there is a Scott’s discretionary fund which is a whopping $20 per week) I’ve found ways to get books that I want to read without buying them.

1. The public library. This is the best use of government money (my money) in the world! I’m at the library once a week or more. The handy on line reservation system lets me view the available books and have them sent to the local branch. A friendly system call “Elf” let’s me know when the books arrive.

2. Remote library systems. Our county library is plugged in to other libaries such as other state and university library systems. I can get books on loan through this system using the computer as well.

3. Private libraries. When you start asking around you’ll find that most everyone has a stack of books at home. I raid my brother-in-law’s shelves all the time and return the favor by sending him DVD’s from my collection. Another friend of mine sells used books, so I swap out books with her.

4. Book swap. We started a book swap at our company. In the breakroom we placed a large bookshelf and everyone brought in some books. We can check out a book at a time from the shelves, or read them during a lunch break.

5. Club or organization libraries. The model train club I belong to has over 500 members. I got most of them to donate a train related book to a new library. The library now has about 400 rare books that can be checked out by any member for 30 days at no charge.

6. Barnes & Noble or other bookseller. I love to go to book stores and sit and read for free. They have comfy chairs, a great selection of modern titles and I can grab a game of chess occasionally. They get mad when I bring in my Thermos full of coffee, though.

Reading is fun and can be a very inexpensive form of entertainment! Save bucks, read books!

Marie says...

Why don't you tell them how you sit in the library and read Curious George books? And why didn't you mention Border's? What's wrong with my favorite book store?


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