Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Today’s Negotiating Tip

One of the most sinister sales tactics know to the consumer market is the legendary puppy dog close. This closing tactic works like this. You go into a pet shop with your daughter and ask about buying a puppy. Your daughter picks one out but it is a bit more expensive than what you wanted to pay. The owner of the store tells you to take the puppy home for the night and if you decide you don’t like him, bring him back the next day. Now really, your daughter is going to let you bring that dog home, right? While this describes the tactic, you and I will mostly see this in other venues. The used car business will give you a three day free trial use of the car. Furniture and TV rental stores will let you take that big, wide screen digital theater set home just to let you see how it looks in your living room. Guess who winds up buying that TV after your friends and family see it in the your living room and you get the time to wear your “pride of ownership” t-shirt for a while. This is a deadly, deadly tactic with an amazing success rate.

Negotiators can only avoid this tactic one way. Do NOT take the merchandise home. While it can be tempting, your best defense is to recognize it and walk away. By the way…the next time your over this way come see my new leather sofa!


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