Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today’s Negotiating Tip

Negotiating for a raise starts the day you are hired. One of the things that I do that helps me prepare is that I keep a daily journal at work. Each day I write down the major things that happen and I list all of the really good things that I do. Let’s say I negotiated a great deal on a contract. I’d list the specifics of the deal, why it was good, how much we saved and any other benefit to the company. Then I write down what it was worth to the company. Sometimes money isn’t the only thing. I keep this list and just prior to review time I send my boss an email with all my successes outlined. While this sounds a bit pushy, it really is a benefit to him. As a manager it is much easier for me to take this synopsis and develop the employee’s review documents.

So make it easy on your boss and tell him or her how great you are! It is hard to not give a raise to someone who has well-documented successes. You’ll make more money!


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